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Maggie's Portfolio


Shrink Lit -- A Midsummer Night's Dream

             Near the beginning of the year in English class, we were given a project. We had to choose a group of four people and pick a play from a list. All of them were Shakespeare, but there were many different tragedies, comedies, and histories to choose from. My group chose the comedy A Midsummer Nights Dream. All of the plays had five acts each, so we were assigned to read an act every other night. We chose from a list of projects to do independently for each act. One of the projects I chose was to create a Shrink Lit after I finished reading the last act. A Shrink Lit is compressing all of the important information of the play into a shorter version. I made mine into a sort of poem. I learned a lot from this assignment. One of my weaknesses is summarizing a lot of information into a smaller version. This project made me practice the skill of summarizing the important information. It took me a long time to make each line hold a piece of information and to make the ends rhyme. Overall I’m very proud of the finished piece. This project shows my mastery of the ESLR of Self-Directed learner because it was an independent project that I did at home. It shows that I have the ability to work alone and still do well.

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