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Maggie's Portfolio

Introduction to ELSR's

            At Eastlake High School, there are four standards we are required to meet. These are called ESLR’s, which stand for Expected Student Learning Results. The four ELSR’s are Self-Directed Learners, Culturally Empowered Community Members, Effective Communicators, and Productive Individuals. For each of these, every student is required to present two artifacts that can be used as evidence to show that they have met these learning results.

            Self Directed Learners use skills and knowledge to work toward achievement of personal, educational, and career goals. They maintain mental, physical, and social wellness, and they act responsibly, honestly and ethically.

            Culturally Empowered Community Members contribute to and model democratic values through awareness, participation, and service. They promote understanding of self, others, and environment, and they demonstrates knowledge of a global perspective and cultural diversity.

            Effective Communicators listen, speak, and write appropriately. They use technology to access, manipulate, and produce information, and they use and respond to creative and artistic expression.

            Productive Individuals use critical thinking to solve problems and make decisions. They identify, plan, and use resources effectively to produce quality work and participate independently as well as in a group to complete tasks.

            This year I think I have met each of these ESLR’s and I have tried my best in all of my classes. I look forward to next year.

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