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Population Growth in the 18th Century

              Throughout the year of European History, Mr. Boon has given us a list of several vocabulary words that we had to define after each chapter, as well as a choice between four essay prompts. One of the essay prompts after reading a certain chapter in the textbook asks to discuss the population growth of the eighteenth century. I wrote the essay and discussed the factors that cause the rise in population and what it’s effect had on European life. In this assignment I learned how to use the skills I’ve learned in English to help me write an essay for my History class. I enjoyed writing this essay because while I was writing it I was still continuing to learn and understand more of the chapter. It helped me grasp the idea of the whole population growth. This proves my master of the ESLR of Self-Directed Learner because it was an individual assignment done at home. I had to rely on my knowledge of the chapter to write this essay.

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