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Maggie's Portfolio


Energy Presentation

           In Chemistry towards the end of the year we were given a project. After we picked groups of four we were allowed to chose the ‘point of view’ that we wanted. We were going to be doing an energy presentation to the class about what the people from our chosen point of view thought about a primary energy source. My group and I decided to pick the hardest point of view – the state government. If we succeeded in doing a good presentation, we would be given extra credit. We all assigned roles for each person. My job was to take the information that my group members gathered about each different energy source and write it down in an organized and presentable way. My writing would be read out by each of my group members. In this assignment I learned how to collect information and how to synthesize it in a presentable way. I enjoyed this project and looked forward to presenting it to the class with my group. This proves my mastery of the ESLR of Effective Communicator because I had to write and present the information clearly so that my classmates could understand.

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