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Guadalajara Project


Modernism Vs. Traditionalism

Guadalajara - City of Roses

         The incredibly diverse and beautiful city of Guadalajara holds many treasures, both modern and historic.

         In colonial times, Guadalajara became the jewel of the west. The architecture that made the city the envy of the other Mexican cities can still be seen today. A perfect example of this is the Historical Center of Guadalajara. There you can find the Grand Cathedral, the Degollado Theatre, and many regional museums. Guadalajara is most famous as being the birthplace of Mariachi.

         Today, of course, the city is a busy metrolpolis and a major Mexican buisness center, with a large population of over 3 million. Tall buildings and busy trafic line the center of the town. Restraunts, shops, and clubs are scattered throughtout the city.

         Guadalajara is a beautiful city in that it holds the modern business of today in perfect harmony with the heart of the traditional colonial era. It will forever be known as the City of Roses, and the pearl of Mexico.

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