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Guadalajara - City of Roses

            Towards the middle of the year in my Advanced Folklorico class, we were learning the dance called “Guadalajara  from the state of Jalisco. Our teacher taught us the simple dance and a few selected people presented it in a concert at our school. Then she asked us to do a project on Guadalajara, the city. It was supposed to be a sort of pamphlet for a tourist. It should have a map that labeled Jalisco’s most important cities as well as its capital of Guadalajara. It should contain a description of the beautiful city and should discuss its modernism and traditionalism. I learned a lot from this assignment. I enjoyed learning about Guadalajara, since I had always hoped to visit it someday. I always enjoy learning about Mexican cities and cultures. I think I did a good job on this pamphlet. This proves my mastery of the ESLR of Culturally Empowered Community Member because I am learning more about my Mexican heritage through this project and discovering its culture.

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