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Maggie's Portfolio


La China Poblana

            When we were learning the steps to the complex dance called Jarabe Tapatio, my teacher gave us the opportunity to look at the beautiful dress that was worn while dancing it. This dress is called La China Poblana. The dress was black material decorated with a rainbow of colors embroidered on it with sequence. She showed us the back and the front of the dress where we saw the Aztec Calendar and the Mexican eagle on a cactus. She then assigned us to write an essay explaining the meaning and representation of the symbols. I learned a lot from this about the Aztec Calendar and its secrets. I found this very interesting and enjoyed the legend of the Aztecs and the eagle. This project proves my mastery of the ESLR of Culturally Empowered Community Member because I learned a lot more about my Mexican culture that I did not know before and enjoyed learning more about it.

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