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Maggie's Portfolio


Rat Race

            While reading three selections from out English textbook about balancing work and family, Mr. Domingo assigned us to write an essay synthesizing, or summarizing,  the information of the three articles. The stories were Double Daddy, Diary of a Mad Blender, and The Child’s View of Working Parents. One of my weaknesses is to summarize important information effectively, so I welcomed this essay challenge. I enjoyed it because it was a simple task and was relatively quick and easy to do. I simply wrote my own summary of the articles and included some of the quotes from the selections. I also followed the advice of the textbook and looked up more information about the stresses of balancing work and family. I also asked my step dad what he thought of it. I incorporated all of this information into my essay, and I was very proud to scored a “6” on this paper. This assignment proves my mastery of the ESLR of Productive Individual because I used all of my resources from English class and the information of the articles to create an effective summary.

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