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Precipitation Lab

            In Chemistry this year, we started off with easy labs. The second lab we did this year was titled “Precipitation”. We were given small droppers of different chemicals and were instructed to place one drop of every chemical with every other chemical. To do this, we created a graph and mixed each of the chemicals on a bit of wax paper. We observed the reaction carefully. It was very fun to put drops of chemicals together and observe what happens. Many of the reactions changed to bright colors of red and orange while others turned dark blues. What we were looking for in this lab, however, was if a solid formed. If the chemicals were placed together and a small white substance was seen within the liquid, it was called a Precipitation reaction. Two liquids reacted to form a solid precipitate. I enjoyed this lab because it was easy to do and fun to watch. This assignment proves my mastery of the ESLR of Productive Individual because I had to talk carefully with my partner to decide who would record the information and who would drop the chemicals into place. We were only given a certain amount of time to do the lab and we were productive and efficient in out work.

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