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Maggie's Portfolio



            Early in the year we were assigned in English class to write a Biographical Narrative. It should be a descriptive essay on a person and how they affected our lives. I chose to do mine on my best friend Anahi, who lives in Tijuana. For my first draft I simply described two events that I thought had a profound effect on me. After having two or three people read my essay and give me input, I decided to add four events I remember most clearly. I also added more about her life in general and described her. My second draft came out nearly double of the first. It was much longer and more descriptive. When I got more input from my classmates, I realized I had a lot of grammatical errors. I fixed some of these and added a small part about Anahi’s family, and created my Final Draft.

            I was very happy to get my paper back and look though it. I received 4’s on each section of the writing except Standard English spelling, punctuation and grammar. I learned two important things from this early essay that have stayed with me in all of my writings. I learned that I needed to italicize non-English words in my essay. I also realized that I had to add the comma in a quote before the end quotation mark, rather than after like I was doing. Although these two things marked me down severely on my paper, I was glad that I learned from my mistakes and was able to remember these two important things in all of my writings. I really enjoyed writing this paper about my best friend and learning how to improve my writing.  

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