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High School Dropouts

            For the Persuasive essay I decided to use my Analyzing Problems and Solutions paper. My chosen ‘problem’ was the rates of High School dropouts and how they affect our society. My first task was to look up information about high school dropouts. After I printed a sheet of good information, I began my first draft of the essay. After receiving comments from my classmates I realized that I should cite where my information is from. I also realized that I did not have a reasonable solution for my ‘problem’ of high school dropouts. For the second rough draft I studied the causes of students dropping out and decided that the best solution would be a night high school. After my friends proofread it, I caught several grammar errors and corrected them, and I also realized that I did not have a call to action in my last paragraph. After fixing these things, I created my final draft and turned it in.

            When I received back my paper I went through it and learned that I did not cite my sources correctly. I was glad to catch this mistake and learn how to correct it. I also realized that I should have considered both sides of the argument over high school dropouts. I kept this in mind in many persuasive essays we’ve written in my other classes. These things I’ve learned from writing this essay have helped me in other writings.

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