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Geraldo No Last Name

            This essay was originally a timed write that our class wrote after reading the short story Geraldo No Last Name by Sandra Cisneros. We were given 45 minutes to write after given the prompt. The prompt asked us to describe what literary terms were used to create the tone of the story. I wrote a quick essay explaining that informal diction created the tone of real conversation in the story. I chose words and phrases from the story as evidence for my points. When Mr. Domingo assigned us to correct the timed write and type it into an essay I still did not change much. I fixed many grammar and spelling mistakes in the essay and made it more organized in flowing, but I did not add new evidence or new ideas, which I should have done. The score I received for this essay was decent, but I was disappointed because I knew I did not try my best and polish up the essay. I think overall that this essay showed me the results of not trying my hardest and I learned that I should take advantage of fixing up an essay if I am given the chance.

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