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The Legend of Robin Hood

            As our last major project of the year, Mr. Domingo assigned us a Research Paper. We were to pick a theme or figure in literature and apply it to history. I decided to chose the Legend of Robin Hood and apply it to English history to decide if the legend was truth or myth. I spent most of my spring break looking up information on Robin Hood and found several sights dedicated to the subject I was researching. By the start of school I had note cards with information and several resources. We wrote our first draft as soon as we returned from break. After proofreading my rough draft I corrected many things. I changed several awkward sentences and I added several more details as evidence for each point in my essay. I changed and added several cited quotes and deleted whole paragraphs of information irrelevant to my topic. I had to make major changes in my Works Cited page because it did not follow the MLA format. When I began to create my final draft I proofread it several times on my computer until I made sure I was as perfect as I could get it. When I finally turned it in I was proud of the score I received. Mr. Domingo gave us a last chance to fix up the essay and perfect the MLA works cited page for 20 extra points. I especially enjoyed this essay assignment because I was very interested in the Legend of Robin Hood and enjoyed learning about his story.

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