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Maggie's Portfolio

Reflection on English Class

Eros, God of Love

            Being the new student in a large class of 10th grade AP students was terrifying. These students had to be smart, down to earth, and very serious. At least that’s what I had originally thought when I entered the classroom. I would have to prove to them, and more importantly to myself, that I had a right to be there. It was not long before I found out that these ‘smart’ students procrastinated at their work just as much as I always did. They were silly, loud, and far from serious. All of us shared two classes together this year – English with Mr. Domingo, and European History with Mr. Boone.

            It must have been the first or second day of school when I entered the class and found that we had a timed write to do in English! I was shocked that we were going to start so soon, but I didn’t complain. This would be the first chance I had to see how these students worked. It would differentiate us between a normal English class. It was the chance I needed to prove to myself that I could be here.  We were given the prompt for the essay, and we all got to work. There were two poems that we had to compare and contrast about Eros, the Greek god of love. I read the poems, and started on my essay. I had tried my best, and I was very proud about a week later when we got our papers back. I scored a five, and I learned from my friends that this was a very good score for someone who doesn’t yet know what the teacher expects. This was just the boost I needed. I tried my very best and decided that I could make it in this class after all.

For the rest of the year the essays got tougher. I scored a six only once, and rarely got any more fives, but my confidence wasn’t shaken. As the year continued I learned what was expected of me, and I learned so many new techniques of writing. After each essay Mr. Domingo would write on the board several things that we needed to improve on as a class. These ‘Notes on Writing’ helped me change what was wrong with my essays. My writing, overall, has improved immensely. I’ve also learned many literary terms that I didn’t know before, and read many short stories in the textbook.

            This year’s class was by far the hardest English class I have ever taken. And although sometimes I nearly exploded with all the essays and timed writes we’ve had to do, I can see just how much they have helped me with my writing. Overall, I’ve learned a lot this year in English, and I look forward to next year.

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