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Maggie's Portfolio

Personal Reflection

Never Left

             I walked on to the campus, and it felt like I had never left. I hated that feeling. I had been on break for a whole month, and I wanted to feel refreshed, happy, and ready for a new year of school. But as soon as I stepped onto the cement campus, found my friends, and looked up what class we had to report to, it felt like I had been here just yesterday.

            There was one change however. I was a sophomore now. I felt much better as I walked to my class and looked at the scattering and nervous freshman around the school. My classes this year seemed alright, but I was extremely nervous to see my AP European History class. I was a little confused to see that my English and History classes were in the same room, but I soon learned that the classes were grouped together. It was going to be a very long year, I thought gloomily. My next class was Intermediate Algebra, and that made me even more depressed. I had never been good at math, especially not algebra. I knew that 1,2,3 days were going to be the hardest. My next class was Japanese and I was happy to see some of my friends there. We had Chemistry next and I was looking forward to doing many lab experiments. My last class was Folklorico dance, and by the end of the day I was smiling again. My classes would be evened out at least. 1,2,3 days would be horrible, but it seemed like 4,5,6 days would be exciting.

            Now sophomore year is almost over, and although it has been the hardest year by far, it was also very fun. I have learned many things and made new friends. My hardest class was AP European History, and I feel that I did my best on the AP test. In English my writing has improved immensely and I enjoyed reading a few of Shakespeare’s plays. In math I have barely kept an ‘A’ but I’ve tried my best. In Japanese we went on several fun field trips and learned many new vocabulary words. Chemistry proved to be a challenging class and we always did exciting labs. And in Folklorico we’ve learned several new dances and have gotten the chance to perform in several places.

            I’m looking forward to my summer break now as I finish up the many projects I have due in each class. And when I come back for my Junior year, it will again feel like I’ve never left.

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