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Maggie's Portfolio

Community Service Reflection

YMCA and Tijuana

            This year I have not done any community service. To graduate I must have at least 30 hours, and I hope to get more. I have many ideas of where I can volunteer my time, and I hope that I can start soon. Two of the ideas I like the most are going to the YMCA or going to Tijuana.

            When I was younger, my parents divorced. I was with my mother nearly all the time, and she had to work. She would come home around 6 o’clock PM. Because she did not want me to be alone all that time at such a young age, she enrolled my in the YMCA after school and during break. I made so many friends there and learned many important things. It’s where I first learned how to ‘share’, since I was an only child. I know for a fact that the YMCA has made me a much better person now that I am older. I can’t imagine how boring it would have been to be home alone all that time, and I wonder what I would have gotten involved in if I didn’t go to the YMCA. So I really look forward to helping the YMCA now that I’m older. I can help with watching the young kids and playing with them. I feel like I really would be giving back to the community for everything they’ve done for me.

            Another idea that I am thinking about for community service is going to Tijuana. I am half Mexican, and I lived in Tijuana until I was seven and my parents divorced. In Tijuana I was not wealthy and did not live in a very good neighborhood. When I came here, I began living in beautiful Eastlake, and I remember thinking that my new house was like a castle compared to my house in Tijuana. I was finally aloud to play outside in peace. I remember thinking that it was so much cleaner and better here. Now that I’m older I realize how lucky I am to be able to live here. I have not forgotten my roots however, and that is why I feel that I should devote a lot of my time to helping churches and schools in Tijuana. There are a lot of things that need to be done to better the community there. I could also donate many things such as food, clothes, and toys that this wonderful community no longer needs.

            I’ve spent a lot of my first two years of high school exploring ideas for community service. I’m disappointed that I have not yet done anything, but I am confident that these two ideas are the best and I look forward to finally volunteering to help them.

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