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Maggie's Portfolio

School Involvement Reflection

            I’ve never been too involved in school before. I usually prefer to be with my friends or to be home. But it seems every year I get a little more involved in school activities. This year I’ve dedicated myself to only two clubs, and I’ve been very involved with one of my classes – Advanced Folklorico.

            At the beginning of the year I signed up for two clubs. Last year I was enrolled in M.E.Ch.A., so it only seemed logical that I should join it again. M.E.Ch.A. stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan. Its goal is to promote higher education for Chicano students, as well as to expose the school to Latino heritage and culture. It’s a great club and I was happy to be enrolled in it. I’m always open to learning new things about my Mexican culture that I never knew before.

            The second club I joined was Street Club. I attended a few meetings and the goal of this club was to help out the community in any way possible. We helped out animals as well as people. I only attended the first few meetings which were full of information, but overall this club was very unorganized, so I stopped attending the meetings little by little.

            The class that has gotten me so involved in this school has been my Advanced Folklorico class. I always looked forward to being in the advanced class. We learned many new complex dances, and we were finally allowed to perform in events around the community. I was very lucky to be able to perform in September for Mexican Independence Day. I also helped in organizing and carrying out the District Concert, although I didn’t perform. I was on hand to help people to their seats, open the doors, pass out programs, collect ticket stubs, and sell food and drinks. I felt very involved and excited as I watched the event unfold. Overall, I have been somewhat involved in the school and have enjoyed the little things I have done. I hope to be even more involved in my Junior year. 

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