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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Far in Athens Theseus complains

That four days and four nights is too long to refrain

He wishes to wed his Hippolyta soon

But instead he sighs and stares at the moon


Then Egeus comes to have word with his duke

It seems his daughter’s choice he does rebuke

It is Lysander she wishes to wed

And this fills her father with serious dread


He wishes Demetrius to take her hand

And indeed, all along this is what he planned

He will have Demetrius and Hermia wed

Or, he will have Hermia dead


Helena comes with jealousy in her eyes

And it is Hermia she does despise

Why does Demetrius chase her so?

When Helena can barely get a “Hello”


Hermia and Lysander soon devise

A plan that will catch everyone by surprise

The decide to sneak into the forest at night

And from there, they will make their flight…


On the far side of the city, a group of actors meet

The smile and chuckle and happily greet

Quince finally gets everyone to settle down

Except for Bottom of course, who is such a clown!


Their new “most lamentable comedy” is what they discuss

And of course all the actors make such a fuss

When all the parts are given out for their new play

A very odd coincidence happens that day


To the woods is where they decide to traverse

And under cover of darkness, there they rehearse

And it just so happens, under that layer of trees

Fairies do wander, through the mist and breeze…


Helena follows Demetrius into the wood

Though she clearly thinks she is misunderstood

She patiently tries to explain her love

But Demetrius will hear nothing thereof


Queen of the fairies, Titania, speaks

And asks where her husband, Oberon, has been all these weeks

In her jealousy she leaves in a rage

And Robin Goodfellow, Puck, comes out on the stage


Oberon wishes Puck to fetch him a flower

Touched by Cupid’s arrow, it has loves power

And so this favor Oberon does ask

Will Puck take up this meaningful task?


Instantly Puck returns with the purple rose

And this is how Oberon’s plan goes

As revenge he will place some juice on Titania’s eyes

While Puck will seek the place where Demetrius lies


But, as there were two male Athenians in the wood that night

Puck instead place the flower in Lysander’s sight

Helena awoke him in the morning light

And from here the stories goes in flight


Bottom is tricked by the mischievous Puck

And appears with the head of a donkey, just his luck!

His friends abandon him and he wanders the night

And meets fair Titania outright


As the Queen awakens and the spell takes hold

The first creature she sees is Bottom, and her love is uncontrolled

They are taken to a brush with flowers and hedges

And there, Titania recites her pledges


Lysander chases after Helena in vain

While Demetrius wishes Hermia’s love to attain

As Demetrius sleeps, his love forlorn

The flower is placed in him, in an effort to have is love reborn


Lysander and Helena rush into the clearing

Demetrius awakes, his eyes on Helena, all sadness disappearing

Helena believes it is all a mad trick

And scorns them both, her heart sick


Hermia enters, her heart forsaken

As she realizes in a few minutes, both her men were taken

The scene becomes a mess

As the lovers argue and shout without success



Puck and Oberon see all of this and look on

As Oberon tries to create a plan before dawn

Puck leads all the Athenians astray

And it’s not long before all sleep in dismay


It so happens Titania and Bottom enter the same glade

And there they sleep, never afraid

Oberon enters the sleepy domain assure

And on Lysander and Titania he applies the cure


Titania slowly awakes

And seeing a donkey next to her begins to gape

Oberon takes her away from the glade

And leaves the Athenians behind in the shade


Theseus and Hippolyta find them there

And unaware of their despair

Bid them to follow back to town

And so they awaken with a frown


Back in Athens, three weddings are held

And in celebration, Theseus was compelled

To invite several actors to play ‘Pyrasmus and Thisbe’

Which happen to be the actors of Peter Quince!


The play was a success

And the couples were blessed

The night continued, making merry the heart

Until all Athenians did depart


And thus, Puck was left to confess

That it was indeed he who started all this mess

But he begs for forgiveness for his scheme

And asks you to believe it was all…


Just another Midsummer Night’s Dream!


Copyright (C). 2005. Maggie Escobedo. All Rights Reserved.